Thursday, March 17, 2011

How it All Began

It was one of those scorching hot and humid New York summer's day.  My husband and I were wandering around the Village and had to duck into the closest store for some air conditioning relief.  A salesgirl came up to us. She looked at my gold and taupe necklace and asked where I bought it. To her surprise, I told her that I had made it. We continued to browse around the store and a couple more salespeople stopped me to ask about my necklace.  One was adamant that I make more so that she could buy the gold and taupe necklace from me.  And from those lovely salespeople with their encouragement and compliments for my necklace was why I started my small online shop.  I've always been touched by random acts of kindness and will continue to pay it forward. Because you never know how a kind word may change someone's life.

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